Friday, December 23, 2016

This is what your future first lady is really like


  1. Those breast implants are sad. Just sad.

  2. OMG. So okay, some psychopath who somehow became the prez of some people-not me not now not ever-is married to a woman who used to pose for "naked" pics. I don't have a problem with that. It's just that the pics are so damn cheap and cheesy and ....bad. And to borrow Nina Garcia's favorite phrase from Project Runway-they just look so dated. Ick yuck puke ewwwww. Not my FLOTUS, either.

  3. I like the completely nude pic where she is touching herself and the light makes it look like there's a scarf or something hanging down for a bit of modesty. Nope, no modesty, she is touching her genitals for the pleasure of men (that's when she's not in bed with a woman touching her for the pleasure of men).

    They don't come any cheaper than that, first she takes off her panties and grabs her own pussy for money then she marries that fat orange fuck.

    If she ever makes it to Washington she'll be the first wife that can't speak English.

  4. Trump and his family bring so much class to the office of the president. Damn, cannot imagine having a first lady like this in my lifetime. The Republicans would have lost their minds if a Democratic first lady did these things.


  6. Is it true she will be staying at trump tower because she doesn't have the clearance to live at the White House?

    1. No. That is not true. She is staying in New York until her son finishes the school year. Personally, I wish I never had to see ANY of that family in the White House. While they are there, I will call it the Black House.