Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The recount saga continues

Since Hillary Clinton is getting involved in the recount process in Wisconsin...

Donald Trump has made a wild accusation of voter fraud saying he won the popular vote because of voter fraud.

Kelly Anne Conway threatened Hillary Clinton if she participated in the Wisconsin recount, saying Donald may have her locked up.

Jill Stein has filed the papers for a recount in Pennsylvania even though officials say the recount deadline has passed.

Jill is also suing in Wisconsin to have all ballots counted by hand and not by machine.

I don't know if the recount will change anything but The Donald's reaction to it was pretty damning, calling it a scam, threatening Hillary and making up dubious claims.  He has something to hide.

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  1. I agree. Something is fishy and the only way to keep a secret is never to tell anybody.

    We'll wait.