Monday, November 21, 2016

Melania and Barron Trump will not move to DC until after the school year is finished, if at all

It has been revealed that Melania and Barron will remain in NYC while The Donald moves to the White House in January.  The reasoning for this is so Barron will not have to change schools.

I smell bullshit on this.

There is no reason why Barron can't change schools in the middle of the year.  Malia and Sasha Obama did it.  Amy Carter did it.  Unless there is something wrong with Barron.

Like autism.

There is absolutely no shame in being autistic.  If Barron is I don't know why The Donald has to keep it quiet.  We have no confirmation that Barron is autistic but he has exhibited traits of being on the spectrum.

The Donald has ranted about vaccines and says he knows first hand how vaccines cause autism in children.  Could he be talking about Barron or  maybe one of his grandchildren?

Men over 50 and use Viagra have a higher chance of fathering autistic children.  So do women who have their labor induced.  This could be why The Donald refuses to release his medical records.  He suffers from erectile dysfunction and took Viagra to get it up.

Another reason is not all is well in Trumpland between Melanoma and The Donald.  Wouldn't be surprised since The Donald bragged about grabbing pussy while Melania was prego,

Last reason is Melanoma knows he will be impeached, so why move there for such a short time?


  1. Comment is to you, SPHASH. I like your new blog. Glad to see this new venue. Well done.

  2. I have no sympathy for Melanoma . . . she's a gold-digger who struck it rich and she has earned anything that's thrown her way, including all her nekkid pictures.

    However, let's all leave the boy alone. I've seen the same photos and videos of him everyone else has seen. The child appears to be unhappy, never smiling, may even be somewhere on the autism spectrum. A 10-year-old who wears suit and tie EVERYWHERE? Speaks Slovenian with his mother and grandmother??? Lives on his own FLOOR of Trump tower???


    Do you suppose he even knows what grass, trees, mud, and fresh air are??