Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton now has 1.7 million more votes than The Donald. That is a mandate!

From The Inquisitir

The publication notes that the 2016 National Popular Vote Tracker by The Cook Political Report shows constantly updated figures that track exactly how many votes Trump received versus Hillary Clinton, seeing as though there was controversy over which candidate actually won the popular vote. According to the tracker, Clinton received 63,541,056 votes, while Trump received 61,864,015 votes — as of this writing. That means Clinton got 1,677,041 — or 1.7 million — more votes in the popular vote count than her opponent. The tracker also breaks down the amount of popular votes for Clinton and Trump by state — as well as by swing state.

And the vote counting continues.

I know abolishing The Electoral College isn't going to happen anytime soon but I vote the Electoral college voters take note.  Donald Trump sucks.

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